The SZE Series is specific for Japanese raw fish preparation. The classic Deba and Sashimi knives by HezHen are characterized by a minimalist and elegant design, ensuring a very high comfort of use.
The blades are produced with a steel selected exclusively for the SZE series, the X9Cr18MoV steel. It is one of the few HezHen knives of the highest quality made with a monobloc and non-damask blade. The continuous search for excellence has led HezHen to develop a radically different product for raw Japanese preparations compared to the other top of the range. Each blade is treated with 12 handmade processes performed exclusively by the best master craftsmen of the company.
The handle is made of one of the most precious woods in the world, the Dalbergia Palizzandro from Madagascar, treated and polished with a complex multilayer procedure, giving an elegant finish to a technically exceptional product.