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The HezHen brand produces some of the best chef's knives in the world.

The HezHen brand produces some of the best chef’s knives in the world.

Born as a superpremium division of the acclaimed XinZuo house, one of the best producers of high-level chef’s knives, HezHen offers the highest possible quality in professional cutlery.

The HezHen series are born following a long and complex refinement procedure of the XinZuo series. When a XinZuo series reaches a point of excellence that cannot be further improved, this series becomes a HezHen line.

Each HezHen blade is treated with 12 handworkings carried out exclusively by the best master craftsmen of the company.

The handles are made exclusively with the finest woods in the world, ebony or Madagascar rosewood. Each handle is treated and polished with a complex multi-layer procedure, specifically designed to strengthen and enhance the distinctive characteristics of these woods.

Each HezHen knife incorporates the best of Asian tradition in the production of knives in a masterpiece of craftsmanship.



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